Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fan Mail

Fan mail is fun mail!

I love fan mail! Some of it has led to wonderful new friendships, like the one formed with Kaelen, mentioned here a few posts back. It's also responsible for my big trip coming up (which I am going to talk more about soon). In February, I met for coffee with a fan from California who happened to be in the Seattle area and from other fans I have learned about bits of family history. Some letters, unlike the ones pictured below, lift my spirits so much that I pin them to my bulletin board for a sliver of sunshine on gray writing days.
A portion of my rejection letter collection; not fun mail

A recent letter, from a 6th grader in New Mexico, though 98% complimentary, included this line: "The first few chapters of Hattie Big Sky weren't very interesting to me. . ." Ouch. Luckily, the setting details kept her reading and the story eventually won her over.

I do thank that young reader for her honesty and you can bet I'm taking a hard look at the WIP to make sure the first few chapters are very, very interesting.

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