Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Riches Beyond Imagination

The world is in a storm and my bit of heaven at Shangri-Lar was not exempt from its gusts and buffets. I picked up branches and other things slapped round by Mother Nature (including our Shangri-Lar sign) and then walked on the beach with Winston the Wonderdog.

Hope springs eternal as I keep my eye peeled for blown glass Japanese floats . . . and today I was rewarded with not one but four pieces of beach glass, two blue. That's sort of like hitting 21 in Las Vegas.

Here's proof:

It's goofy, I know, but I feel very, very rich when I find such treasures.

What surprise finds tickle your toes?


  1. My favorite riches from the sea are a perfect Moonsnail shell or 'sea china", blue and white pieces of old china plates polished into satin jewels.
    My husband and I started calling these gifts "cheap thrills". Some of my cheap thrills include watching cream swirl in fresh coffee and standing in sunshine in the rain with your face to the sun and a rainbow to your back. And of course my favorite is a sleeping kitten in the warm fresh laundry basket. I live on Admiralty Strait in the Puget Sound near Seattle – can you tell? Coffee, Moonsnails and rain :)

  2. Cheap Thrills -- love it! I'd add finding the perfect cool spot on your pillow in the middle of the night and a sweet dog asleep on your lap.

  3. Oh I love these kinds of finds. Thanks for Sharing Kirby! I am prone to looking for beach glass too. Or any interesting tid-bit on any sort of walk. Once I found a zebra eraser and a teenie-tiny toy rubber chicken on the same walk. I still have them.

  4. Oh, Kjersten, I can only imagine what you'll find on your walks in your new home!

  5. Ah...beach glass. love, love, love...you must experience Glass Beach here in PT sometime. It is everywhere and you can't stop. I think the rare find there is red.