Saturday, February 20, 2010

What You Can Do Over Your Summer Vacation

If you live in the Puget Sound area, be sure to sign up for the picture book illustration class to be offered by the University of Washington Continuing Ed program and taught by none other than. . .

Jaime Temairik Hedquist!

Not only is she one amazing illustrator, she is more fun than two barrels of monkeys and sweeter than anything they serve at Cupcake Royale.

For more about the course, check out her blog.


  1. It makes me want to be an illustrator just for Jaime's class. Way to go Jaime!

  2. the best part is. . .you don't have to be an illustrator!!! I know a couple authors who took the course and felt they learned tons and tons.

  3. Good point, Kirby! That is definitely an interesing thought.