Monday, June 21, 2010

Straight From the Jar

Isn't that a great name for a blog? Leave it to Ingrid Law (author of Savvy and Scumble) to come up with something oh-so-witty! Head on over there for a great interview with Frances O'Roark Dowell, whose thought-provoking Shooting the Moon I've just finished (check out my review on Good Reads). I first "met" Frances through her wonderful Chicken Boy, and actually got to meet her face-to-face for about three seconds at IRA in April.

Ingrid interviewed me, too, (to be posted soon) and I was struck by one of the questions she asked: How do you celebrate success? This is a question she apparently asks of all of her interviewees and I noticed Frances' answer was similar to mine -- I don't, very much.

I'm thinking maybe I should change that! We work awfully hard and when something good happens, we should do more than call our loved ones.

Do you celebrate successes/accomplishments? (Finishing a rough draft counts, in my book!). If so, how do you celebrate?

I really, really want to know.


  1. OMG, it's so amazing that you asked this question right now. First, I loved Savvy! Ingrid has an amazing Voice. Second, my answer is the same as yours. Actually worse. I tend to worry instead of celebrate. How wrong is that??

    My husband is the one that draws me back to celebrating in a proper fashion. I hope you'll stop by my blog tomorrow to see what I'm celebrating (a special announcement) and enter my contest! While I was busy worrying, my husband went out and framed my success (my book cover). But then, he knows how to do it right! :)

  2. Do you loan out your husband? Or perhaps he could lead a group for celebration-challenged authors. . .

  3. Ha! He's no good at celebrating his own successes, so I think we all have to help the ones we love. :)

  4. Great topic. I'm afraid to celebrate too loudly because some kinds of happiness feel extra crushable. I want to protect that good feeling before someone comes along and says it's not that special.