Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ten in 2010

October is the 10th month -- perfect time to polish our Ten in 2010 skills! I remember how exciting Halloween was for me when I was a kid, so how about we choose that for our theme? If you need inspiration, read two great Halloween books: Boo, Bunny, by Kathryn Galbraith and And Then Comes Halloween, by Tom Brenner.

After Trick or Treating

No matter my costume, 
I was Midas counting out treats.


  1. I love that one, Kirby! I also love Kathryn Galbraith's Boo, Bunny. She came to a fundraiser here in Olympia last month and she's as delightful as her writing. ;-)

    I've got a ten in ten for this month, but I'm not sure if it's cheating because I'd already written it (just revised it a smidge to get it down to 10):

    Vampire Haiku

    Without reflection.
    A shadow consumed by light.
    Seeking nighttime bite.

  2. I love Halloween and ten words are not enough to describe the sights, sounds and feeling. I have so many memories as a kid, this is just one of them:

    Our neighborhood dentist tricked us, he gave out only toothbrushes!