Friday, June 24, 2011


I. Am. Not. A. Morning. Person.

Which is why having to be ready to be taken to the airport at 4 a.m. seems perfectly inhuman.

Worthy cause: ALA.

Whining hitherto ceased and desisted.


  1. Ha-ha-ha. That's a great pic, and I understand completely. I think even 7 am is a barely tolerable hour to arise. Have fun at ALA!

  2. 4 am is perfectly inhuman. lol.
    Hi Kirby,
    my name is Jackie Castle and I've started a children's literary blog where parents and teachers can find fun activities for some great books I've come across. I have featured your book about Nubs.
    Here's the link
    If that doesn't work, try and look on the sidebar for the links to your book.

    If you like what's there, a mention about it would be great. Otherwise, just wanted you to know I really liked the story of Nubs and was touched by it.

  3. 4 a.m.? That's oversleeping by 45 minutes in my world. But ALA is worth it! And I really want to read The Friendship Doll.