Saturday, July 2, 2011

One Brave Woman

Not only is Tegan Tigani an uber-bookseller, rocking the stacks at Queen Anne Books, she has taken the leap into the writing life as well by co-authoring Linda Keeney's inspirational memoir, One Brave Thing a Day.

When I last saw Tegan in mid-June, she was excited over having connected with an agent and finishing one more revision. You can learn more about the project here. They've just learned a chapter from the book will appear in the anthology, This I Believe.

Not to hijack Tegan's title, but I think that it really speaks to what we writers do. And mostly, the one brave thing a day that we do is sit down at the keyboard (or, if you're Karen Cushman or Barbara O'Connor, a pad of paper) and, without any safety net, launch ourselves onto the trapeze swing of storytelling.

Tegan and Linda's book isn't published yet, but I am eager to read it. Until then, I will ponder adding an additional daily brave endeavor to my life. 

Does learning to use the Wii count?


  1. Thank you so much, Kirby! I do think that creating is a brave act. And yes, if you use Wii the way I do, it definitely counts! And it may be brave for anyone else in my immediate vicinity, since I'm so spastic.

  2. Yes the wii counts. Looking forward to meeting you someday.