Friday, September 14, 2012

Friend Friday

Okay, it's been out for a little while BUT we are just getting back to school here in the great Pacific Northwest so I think it's okay to give a shout out to Jennifer Holm for her latest novel "in stuff," EIGHTH GRADE IS MAKING ME SICK.

True Confession #1: Jenni and I are "Silver Sisters," having both been Newbery honorees in 2007. (Okay, so she's had like 97 other Newbery honors since then)

True Confession #2: May Amelia is one of my favorite characters in children's literature of all time. Jenni kills historical fiction. Kills it!

True Confession #3: I have a small "cameo" in this new book. I answer a homework question posed by the main character. Sadly, my snarky answer arrives at a really terrible time for Ginny. I felt terrible about that. Didn't know that was part of the story. But I do get emails just like the ones Ginny sends me, asking for homework "help" the night before some big assignment is due. (teachers: please rethink such assignments)

True Confession #4: Jenni's book touches on a disease I HATE: Colitis. Too many young people are having their lives undone by this crappy illness, along with its ugly stepsister, Crohn's disease. Five of my immediate family members battle Colitis/Crohn's. Hate. It. Big. Time.

True Confession #5: Even if there weren't True Confessions 1-4, I would adore this book. It is real, smart and full of heart. And real. Did I mention that already?

You need to read it. And you need to buy it. From your local indie bookseller, of course.


  1. Jennifer Holm and a Kirby Larson cameo? Be still my heart! Gotta get that book.

    PS: You are always lovable, never snarky.

  2. I love Jennie Holm, too. And 2007 was a good year. :)

  3. I love this book. Thanks for adding your magic touch.