Saturday, March 14, 2015

Goodbye and Hello

This blog started some years ago at the request of the amazing illustrator, Jaime Temairik. She helped design the header (yes, that is my house!) and got me thinking about what I might be able to add to the blogosphere conversation. And I was tickled when I came up with the blog name which allowed me to incorporate my own middle name, something I don't use but really like.

Jaime making me laugh. What else is new?

My first ever post appeared on December 23, 2008 (at the holidays; what was I thinking?); today's entry makes number 1304. Not bad.

But good things must sometimes come to an end. Don't fret: I plan to keep blogging. But I have a spiffy new website and it makes sense that my blog lives there, too. And, though I really am sad to leave Kirby's Lane: A Place for Readers and Writers behind, the sage folks at BookSparks have convinced me that I need to unify my social media presence (next thing you know, I'll be talking about my brand!).

The only thing that changes is the address. Oh, and the header. But other than that, you're still gonna find Teacher Tuesday, where the amazing and over-worked teachers of this world take time to answer 6 silly questions about their reading habits; Wednesday Wisdom; Throwback Thursday and Friend Friday, which is when I shine the light on new books created by my terrifically talented friends. And, of course, I reserve the right to post on Mondays and Saturdays and Sundays, when the spirit moves.

We're still going to have tons of fun talking books and writing and Winston the Wonder Dog. Drop on by. You won't want to miss a thing. 


  1. Have enjoyed your blog and will continue to enjoy it . . . at its swanky new neighborhood.

  2. Love thinking about a swanky new neighborhood! That helps ease the pain of saying goodbye!

  3. Ooooo. Spiffy new website. I signed up for your newsletter, but don't see a way to sign up for your blog. Is it the same thing? I hope so. I do enjoy keeping up with your blog.

  4. Kind of hate to see you change, but your new site looks very lovely.

  5. Love the new website - spiffy indeed!