Monday, June 29, 2009

Go. Shop. Now.

My good friend and illustrator extradordinaire, Jaime, has relaunched her Etsy website and none too soon. I keep loaning out books and forgetting to whom so I am going to score some toucan bookplates to keep my library from fading away as fast as a 401K.

I'm a teeny tiny bit miffed, however, that she didn't use Winston as a model for her celebrity chef as animals paintings.
Jean Anthelme Brillab-Savarin, by Jaime Temairik Hedquist

He would make a very adorable model. . .after all, he's a King Charles Caprial Spaniel!


  1. Indeed! I am holding my breath for the Kitchenette opening tomorrow!

  2. We now own cocoa stomp artwork. Much rejoicing. : )