Monday, August 24, 2009

Bon Appetit!

I played hookey with Quinn and her mother-in-law on Saturday and we went to see Julie and Julia. I loved the movie -- now want to read Julia Child's memoirs -- especially the love story between Julia and Paul and her struggles to get her book published (a too familiar story).

BUT I was completely thrown out of the movie in the very last scene. It's a triumphant moment, in the famous kitchen, when Julia holds the first copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking in her hands. Here's what stopped me:

the book came in a bubble-wrap envelope.

I don't think they had bubble-wrap envelopes in 1961, do you?

My intrepid son-in-law learned that bubble wrap invented in 1957 (if I'm remembering correctly) but were there bubble-wrap envelopes then? One of my college jobs (early to mid 70s) was mailing manuscripts for my poet boss and I don't ever remember using bubble wrap envelopes.

Are there any packaging experts out there who can shed light on the history of bubble wrap pouches for me so I can stop fretting about this and instead fret about finishing my WIP by September 1?


  1. I loved this movie too (and just blogged about it this morning on live journal) but now I'm fretting, too. Your eyes must be sharper than mine. I thought it was one of those puffy envelopes with gray fluff that floats out.

    Good luck with your WIP. Jeannine Atkins

  2. Sharp eye,'s already in the goofs section at imdb:

  3. My favorite Julia Child trivia: She was a SPY. A SPY! She is made of butter and awesomeness.

  4. Martha, even if she weren't a spy, she was the coolest woman ever. I have been channeling my inner Julia all day -- for lunch, I followed her instructions for making an omelette (one tablespoon of beurre -- oh, la la!) and checked Alibris for first editions of her book ($850-- not so yum).

    We should make such a thumbprint on the cookie of history.

  5. How funny that you noticed that detail! I can't wait to see this movie...