Monday, July 12, 2010

Winston's First ER visit

My mother taught me never to say I hated anyone but I do hate the person who thoughtlessly threw his/her clear glass beer bottle into the weeds in the grassy area next to the Birch Bay Square grocery store where we stopped yesterday afternoon. I'd gone into the store to buy pectin to make raspberry jam while Neil and Tyler stretched their legs. Unfortunately, neither of them saw the jagged, broken bottle in the grass.

Five hours at the emergency vet for a deep laceration that nicked an artery.

Winston will mend but a pox upon that careless bottle tosser.


  1. Poor Winston! I hope his recovery is quick.

  2. So sorry about Winston's accident, Kirby. I hope he's doing better. He's so cute. Is he a cocker spaniel?

  3. Poor little guy. Is he going to be able to walk okay when the bandage comes off?

  4. Bridget,

    Winston is a very handsome King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, tri-color. I guess one of the Sex in the City women owned one.

    He is on my lap at this very moment - definitely not his usual perky self.

  5. Grier, he is actually walking fine, not one hint of a limp. He just doesn't feel good. And the pain meds seem to make him throw up.

    We go to our regular vet later today so I'll find out about some other options for making him comfy while he heals.

  6. Ugh! Poor guy. So sorry for both of you!
    Hope he's better soon so he can romp with LaJolla again.