Sunday, September 25, 2011

Banned Books Week

The good folks at the American Library Association asked me to be part of a video blast to recognize Banned Books Week. Here I am, looking awfully dorky (but I had been up at 3 am to catch a plane to New Orleans and I had to film it the second I arrived and it was 9000 degrees!) but my sentiments are quite sincere.

(Mom -- you may want to cover your ears.)


  1. said that word. Susan should have used tea bag or some other euphemism for scrotum. Maybe that would have been "better." Great reading...thanks for doing this.

  2. "The Higher Power of Lucky" is alive and well in our school library. As are the Captain Underpants books, "Shiloh" and any other book one of my 800 kids asks to read.

    Our library lesson this week will be on why some books get banned, and the importance of protecting freedom of choice.

  3. Great, great message, Kirby! And yay for Susan too. You both have... you know.

  4. Great, great post, Kirby! And yay for Susan, too. You both have... you know.